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No matter what the economic climate is one thing for certain is that there will always be a demand for talented workers. Ibis is always seeking gifted individuals to fulfill the many IT jobs that our recruiting services have uncovered. We are interested in partnering with you with a common goal established to ensure continual employment.

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All Employees Receive The Following Benefits:

Ibis will pay a $1000 bonus for every referral you make that we hire for employment once that person works as a regular full time employee for 180 days. This bonus is contingent upon both the employee and their referral continuing employment through the period of 180 days.
We do not pay referral bonuses for part time or temporary employees you refer, nor do we pay a referral bonus if we are obliged to pay a search firm fee. A manager is not eligible for a referral bonus for anyone hired into his or her own group. You should obtain permission from the concerned individual before making a referral, and may share with them any public knowledge of the firm. However, employees may not share confidential information or make commitments or promises of employment to any individual. When seeking potential candidates for referral, do not solicit persons employed directly or indirectly by clients, sub-contractors or vendors.
The most effective means of attracting new, qualified recruits is by word-of-mouth, or employee referral. Candidates who learn about a company through an existing employee tend to be better and will stay with the company longer. It is also one of the most efficient means because the candidate will have been briefed about the company by the existing employee.  
For more details contact the HR Department:


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We understand that you wish to be consistently employed while simultaneously advancing your career. Once you are placed Ibis continues to work with you. We will conduct surveys of you and our client every 30 days to assess the current conditions.  This enables us to prepare to market your skills to prospective employers as the need arises.
Sometimes during the early stages of employment unusual or awkward situations might arise. These can range from corporate culture conditions to a technical stumbling block.  Ibis has an open policy where we can provide you with any of our technical resources or personal guidance.
Ibis' experience and relationship with our clients allows us to brief our technical professionals on the particulars of our client’s business and/or project. This will put you in a comfortable position during the interview process by understanding important points to emphasize.

We will not waste your time sending you to a job opportunity that does not fit your skills. Ibis has developed a proprietary database system where you load in your qualifications including:

Your data will be run against the database of job opportunities, placing you in the right position at the right time.

We respect you as an individual and fully appreciate your talent. You make our business successful. By keeping you working and challenged our goals for customer and recruit satisfaction will be met.